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About Us
The Strategy and Innovation experts

DXBe Management brings you more than 12 years of experience in "Digitalisation & Transformation" into Digital Business models.

A group of highly talented experts and Wulf Schlachter founded DXBe in 2007 in Hamburg and Dubai to help organizations create a point of view about future opportunities and develop strategy and innovation capabilities to exploit them.

Started to realize Digital, IoT-Consumer (B2C) and Industrial IoT- (B2B) projects already in 2008 with some front runners companies in the Manufacturing Industry, followed by Logistics, Automotive and many more ... up to eCommerce and Financial Services providers over the years.

In 2016 - Michael Zwiener (Agile Scrum Master & Development "Guru") joined the Team as Chief Technology Officer (CTO) - responsible for all Development & Technology issues within the value chains and customer ecosystems. He leads a Team of Developers - location based in Germany, Romania and Poland (Near-Shoring).

On August 1st, 2018 - Dr. Dieter Steiner, former CEO of SSP Europe & Dracoon - joined DXBe Management as Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) and responsible for all Cloud Platform and Security related issues.  

Our proven approach delivers results
Over the last 10 years, DXBe has worked with clients throughout the globe to define game changing strategies and develop opportunities for sustainable growth. During this time, our agile methodology and tools have evolved to incorporate our latest insights in how to best support our clients on strategy and innovation, but the core principles remain based on Wulf Schlachter's views that organizations must continually adapt and transform to remain competitive.

A special "style" of consulting
A DXBe engagement does not look or feel like traditional “consulting.” DXBe projects are typically executed by a small, but effective team of seasoned professionals that work alongside an organization’s employees. Our engagements are team-based, widely participative and future-oriented endeavors that lead an organization through an exciting end-to-end customer journey of discovery that engages employees while building their innovation capabilities.
We are highly focused on efficient partnering models, to create new value chains.

Own Development Team
We have also build up our own DXBe Technical-Development Team in Germany - by coding & delivering new services our customers will reach their targets much faster than others!

Our teams of consultants works across the globe...
We go where our clients take us and over the years we have traveled to all over of the world to let companies grow.
This means having experienced a wide variety of branches, markets, cultures and like no other we understand and appreciate the impact culture (organisational and national) has on innovation success. Key to helping clients is our strategic approach, our methods and tools we have developed over the years to address a wide variety of strategy and innovation related challenges.

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