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Our way to your success... WE MAKE THINGS DIFFERENT... Don't worry about what others will say. We are working on "Digital Hyper Projects" since more than 14 years ... From new multi-modal mobility driven ecosystems "MaaS", eVTOL, EV-Charging Software & Infrastructure, e-Mobility, Fleet & Sharing projects to new Technologies e.g. Cognitive Computing, Artificial Intelligence & Taxonomy Ontology Management. Since more than 25 years in Global Digital & IT-Business, we are building Digital "End2End" business solutions (B2B/B2C/B2B2X). Realization of High-End projects Connected Solutions worldwide.

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NEW - Preview - Autosummit 2022 - Hamburg

Die neue Messe der Autobranche Der Auto Summit ist die neue Messe und Konferenz für die Digitalisierung und Innovation in der Automobilbranche. Hier treffen sich die führenden Automobilhersteller, -zulieferer und digitalen Innovatoren, um über die Zukunft des Automobils zu diskutieren. Unser CEO Wulf Schlachter wird dort einen Panel moderieren - Quo Vadis eMobilität - What's next?

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ICM Summit 2022 - Munich

The future of car manufacturing is innovative, digital, and green. New technologies combined with innovative business models offer manufacturers various opportunities to enhance their commercial value and catalyze growth.

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Autonomous & Smart Urban Mobility - Israel Startups meets Germany... with VIDEO from the Event... (Part-2) AUTONOMOUS

The event has featured live panel 2 & discussions of key industry players, so engage by participating in a Q&A...

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Autonomous & Smart Urban Mobility - Israel Startups meets Germany... with VIDEO from the Event... (Part-1) MOBILITY

The event has featured 2 live panel (each 60 min) discussions of key industry players, so engage by participating in a Q&A through a global chat and polls! This is the first part of the event (MOBILITY)

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CEO, Wulf Schlachter - Einblick eines Wegbereiters für E-Mobilität - im Podcast bei

Wulf gibt in diesem Gespräch Einblicke auf die Arbeit als „Türöffner“ globaler Start-Ups der E-Mobilitätsszene frei und zeigt wie sich der Markt entwickelt.

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„Das Home-Office ist als neue Verteidigungszone hinzugekommen“ (in German only)

Interview mit DXBe Management, CISO Peter Lachenmair mit dem Deutschen Mittelstands-Bund (DMB)

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YouTube summary from "Electried & Smart" Panel...

Nice 60 minutes summary of the session....

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ICA Pre-Summit 2021 - Online

ICA Pre-Summit - Program & Panelist 2021

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In a landscape as competitive and fast-moving as the automotive, manufacturing industry. Future-proofing & scalability are the names of the Challenge. DXBe is making strides toward that goal through the X-Mobility (Start-Up & Ventures) enabling activities in Europe, Middle East, Asia and USA... We help our customers to tap into new markets and accelerates the business of innovative value propositions. We help them to evolve beyond its core business by leveraging its expertise, resources, and partnerships. The insights may help future-proof the companies, solving existing problems faster, more cost-effectively, and with lower risk. It facilitates innovation through creation, experimentation, and learning by failing. All the new experiments provide access to new ideas, skill sets, and technologies.

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in a Green & Sustainable Nutshell...

DXBe Management, as an Innovation and TechDevDriver, has been actively engaging in collaboration with sustainable Start-Ups and Entrepreneurs all over the world... Our responsibility and contribution to sustainable world includes the entire value chain. We’ll meet the demands of tomorrow’s global market by doing something entirely new. DXBe Management is an innovation centre focused on finding smarter ways within mobility – through modular development, ground-breaking engineering, software systems development and ongoing innovation. The ambition is to focus on #Sustainability in design, development and operations considering the whole life cycle of the company’s products and service portfolio. For us facilitating #Innovation with Start-ups is one way to leverage enhanced economic, social, and environmental benefits in the automotive / mobility, logistics, manufacturing industries, while developing innovative concepts & technologies for #Future Mobility Challenges.

DXBe Management Team

Wulf Schlachter

Founder & CEO

Chief Executive Officer - DXBe Management Group

Chief Technology Officer - DXBe Management Group

Heike Liebl

Head of Business Training & Coaching

mind-architects academy

Chief Commercial Officer - DXBe Management Group

Peter (Faxe) Lachenmair



Nadine Meisel

External Partner

Advisory, Coaching, Strategic Design & Innovation

DXBe Management - Meet us at the following conferences & events in 2022...

  •  11/05/2022 09:00 - 05/04/2022 18:00
  •   St. Pauli, Hamburg, Deutschland

Die neue Messe der Autobranche: Der Auto Summit ist die neue Messe und Konferenz für die Digitalisierung und Innovation in der Automobilbranche. Hier treffen sich die führenden Automobilhersteller, -zulieferer und digitalen Innovatoren, um über die Zukunft des Automobils zu diskutieren. Lernen Sie von den Expert:innen auf unseren Bühnen und treffen Sie im Messebereich die führenden Anbieter. Unser CEO Wulf Schlachter wird 2 Panels moderieren - "Digitalisierung Automotive" & "Quo Vadis eMobilität"

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  •  21/03/2022 09:00 - 21/03/2022 18:30
  •   München, Hilton Hotel

The future of car manufacturing is innovative, digital, and green. New technologies combined with innovative business models offer manufacturers various opportunities to enhance their commercial value and catalyze growth. Technology and its utilization are the key drivers of manufacturing innovation and productivity enhancement thus the Innovative Car Manufacturing Summit 2021 will look into the most sophisticated technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Automation & Robotics, IoT, 3D printing, and others. These innovations will create highly intelligent, information-driven factories and distributed business models that can respond rapidly to change and deliver entirely new customized smart products and services. Manufacturing innovation will impact every aspect of the manufacturing businesses, from production and supply chain to workers. We aim to contemplate how the industry will solve the upcoming challenges – how innovations will affect humans and climate change, how the industry will exit COVID-19, adapt to new technologies, processes and up-skill their workforce, and enable high-value product development, improve their operations and unlock new opportunities.

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  •  25/10/2021 09:00 - 26/10/2021 18:00
  •   Flugfeld, Böblingen, Deutschland

Green Auto Summit 2021

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  •  13/10/2021 12:45 - 14/10/2021 18:00
  •   München, Deutschland

Autonomous vehicles are driving innovation – it is the future of the automotive industry. We all know that there are various levels of autonomous vehicles, but what is in our near future? What can we expect to see on roads soon? What is more – our entire automotive industry is being redefined by fast-changing technology. Both manufacturers and suppliers integrate key connectivity requirements and advocate safe & secure solutions.

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  •  07/10/2021 10:00 - 08/10/2021 17:00
  •   Ismaning, Deutschland
  •  22/09/2021 09:00 - 23/09/2021 17:34
  •   Holzmarktstraße 33, Berlin, Deutschland

Emobility is more than EVs. Emobility is more than charging infrastructure. Technologies of rising mobility stars. Deeper dives into revenue streams. Tips and tricks from global leaders. Look forward to panels on autonomous emobility concepts, electrified aircrafts and intelligent energy systems.

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  •  09/06/2021 09:00 - 09/06/2021 12:00
  • Online Event

Israeli Foreign Trade Administration in Germany together with DXBe Management are delighted to present the Autonomous & Urban Smart Mobility – Perspectives from Israel and Germany, an online event. It will create a platform for fruitful conference sessions and interesting speed networking breaks, where participants will focus on the newest challenges that the industry faces and how we can overcome it, market trends, technologies, innovations, and general future outlook. Be inspired by our experts who will share their ideas on how to realize smart mobility & autonomous projects under the umbrella of Germany & Israel viewpoint. The event will feature 2 live panel discussions of key industry players, so engage by participating in a Q&A through a global chat and polls! After each session, we will have a speed networking breaks in Networking area where you will have a total of 12 face-to-face business meetings and exchange virtual business cards. Seize this opportunity to reach the primary group of people that are necessary for your business or personal growth in a short time, see you there!

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  •  22/03/2021 15:00 - 22/03/2021 18:00
  •   München, Deutschland

The ICA Summit Online Pre-Event is a platform for conference sessions and interesting speed networking breaks where participants will focus on the future of the automotive industry - the most innovative solutions and novel self-driving vehicles technologies. Discover new strategies and approaches to help define the future of autonomous driving! Stay tuned with 2 live panel discussions of key industry players, engage by participating in a Q&A through a global chat and Polls! Key topics: autonomous driving, new software-based architectures, machine learning, AI, connectivity and data monetisation. The purpose of the ICA Summit Online Pre-Event event is not only to gain knowledge but also to offer plentiful networking opportunities that will give you a chance to meet automotive industry experts. After each session, we will have a speed networking break where you will have a total of 12 face-to-face business meetings. We want you to get the most out of this event and feel almost as if you are attending a physical event. So get ready, turn on your camera and come to the digital world! Panel Discussions: Panel 1: Becoming Electrified & Smart Moderator: Wulf Schlachter | CEO | DXBe Management Speakers: Firas Lethaus | Head of Deep Learning Expert Center | Volkswagen AG, Martin Lischka | Head of Product Strategy & Product Management | Automobili Pininfarina GmbH, Ozgur Ozel | Senior Principal | TOGG, Thomas Juraschek | Manager Commercial Vehicles | Ford-Werke GmbH, Panel 2: The New Mobility Industry: Designing a Future-proof Architecture for Software-defined Everything Era Moderator: Dr. Florian Baumann | CTO | DELL Technologies Speakers: Norm Marks | Global Head, Automotive Enterprise | NVIDIA, Victor Marginean | Global Head Security & Privacy Business Unit HMI | Continental Automotive GmbH, Daniel Laury | CEO | Udelv,

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  •  21/01/2021 17:00 - 21/01/2021 18:00
  • Online Event

CONCEPTS IN NEW SUSTAINABLE & SCALABLE ECOSYSTEMS This webinar is home for forward-thinking experts that together will shape the next decade of the smart mobility industry. While COVID-19 has disrupted nearly every aspect of our lives it has also greatly accelerated digital transformation and presented a once-in-a-century moment in the global mobility market. Be inspired by our experts who will share how to be successful with realizing smart mobility projects - from the first concept, implementation all the way to monetizing the idea. -What’s the current pulse of the smart mobility industry? -How can forward-think companies profit from the current situation? -How can you now accelerate and go to market with your product innovations and realize their full potential? Presenters: Dr. Sven Beiker, Founder and Managing Director at Silicon Valley Mobilityy, LLC Wulf Schlachter, CEO of DXBe Simon Vogt, CSO & Co-Founder of &Charge GmbH Henner Heistermann, CEO and founder of Nitrobox Advice from the experts: Implementation, best practices and how to overcome common challenges. Answers: To all your questions discussed by the experts in the live panel after the webinar. Who should attend: • Product leaders from OEMs, Automotive and Mobility • Innovation manager in the mobility space • Finance leaders involved in monetizing new services • IT manager looking for agile finance solutions

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  •  09/07/2020 08:53 - 09/07/2020 18:56
  •   ONLINE Conference
  •  26/05/2020 14:00 - 26/05/2020 16:59
  • Online Event
  •  20/04/2020 09:00 - 24/04/2020 18:00
  •   Hannover Messe/Nord, Hannover, Deutschland

The world’s leading trade fair for industrial technology

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  •  23/03/2020 18:00 - 24/03/2020 18:00
  •   Straße des 17. Juni, Berlin, Deutschland

Verlag der Tagesspiegel

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  •  04/03/2020 18:01 - 15/03/2019 12:04
  •   Grand-Saconnex,Palexpo-Halle 7, Le Grand-Saconnex, Genf, Schweiz

Genfer Autosalon 2020 / VIP Day March 4th

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  •  25/02/2020 08:00 - 27/02/2020 15:40
  •   Messezentrum, Nürnberg, Deutschland

Fachmesse für Embedded Technologien

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  •  24/02/2020 09:00 - 27/02/2020 18:11
  •   Barcelona
  •  11/02/2020 07:47 - 13/02/2020 15:48
  •   Messeplatz, Essen, Deutschland

E-World 2019 - energy & water

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  •  05/01/2020 14:55 - 08/01/2020 14:55
  •   Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Tech-EXPO 2020

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  •  04/12/2019 09:01 - 06/12/2018 18:10
  •   Beijing, Peking, China

Invitation only event!

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  •  19/11/2019 08:50 - 19/11/2019 18:50
  •   Hamburg

From Vision to Business... Welcome to DXBe Management!

The Strategy and Innovation experts:

DXBe Management brings you more than 14 years of experience in "Digitalisation & Transformation" into Digital Business models.
A group of highly talented experts and Wulf Schlachter founded DXBe in 2007 in Hamburg and Dubai to help organizations create a point of view about future opportunities and develop strategy and innovation capabilities to exploit them.

Started to realize Digital, IoT-Consumer (B2C) and Industrial IoT- (B2B) projects already in 2008 with some front runners companies in the Manufacturing Industry, followed by Logistics, Automotive and many more ... up to eCommerce and Financial Services providers over the years.

DXBe Management is an "End-2-End" service provider for the entire process of digital transformation: from innovation & strategy, customer experience, data & artificial intelligence, commerce and technology solutions to building up digital units.

Innovation & Strategy - How will digital trends and technologies change customer expectations in the future? How will business models change? How should the digital mission and world looks like in the 2030?

Customer Experience - What distinguishes the perfect customer journey? How will user interfaces look like in the future?

Data Analytics & AI - How can we generate smart data and how can we use them? How can we use deep learning technologies and Artificial Intelligence efficiently?

eCommerce - How much shop and how much platform makes sense (PaaS / SaaS / Digital Brokerage)? Is the App model always best solution, or are there other ways to practice mobile commerce (B2B / B2C and B2B2C?

Technology - How should digital infrastructure and platforms be built? Which new technologies and frameworks are currently being developed? Which are hype, which are compulsory? Where starts real business?

Transformation & Change
- Which is the right approach for companies in the digital world? How much digital transformation makes sense? When do companies need to partner?

We are Cooperative & Reliable...
We work transparently hand in hand with you, KPI / goal-oriented - thanks to our agile culture. We do exactly what needs to be done - and much more if it is to your advantage!

Our proven approach delivers results
Over the last 13 years, DXBe has worked with clients throughout the globe to define game changing strategies and develop opportunities for sustainable growth. During this time, our agile methodology and tools have evolved to incorporate our latest insights in how to best support our clients on strategy and innovation, but the core principles remain based on Wulf Schlachter's views that organizations must continually adapt and transform to remain competitive.

A special "style" of consulting
A DXBe engagement does not look or feel like traditional “consulting.” DXBe projects are typically executed by a small, but effective team of seasoned professionals that work alongside an organization’s employees. Our engagements are team-based, widely participative and future-oriented endeavors that lead an organization through an exciting end-to-end customer journey of discovery that engages employees while building their innovation capabilities.
We are highly focused on efficient partnering models, to create new value chains.

Project Management Leaders
Takeover of the project management
Cross-departmental coordination and conception of a digitization strategy for processes, methods, tools and standards of corporate management and efficiency enhancement in all administrative areas.
Responsibility for the digitization of the processes, methods, tools and standards of corporate management as well as coordination of the associated interfaces to the other departments
Introduction of new tools for the results-oriented use of big data for corporate management (BI, predictive / prescriptive analytics).

Own Development Team
We have also build up our own DXBe Technical-Development Team in Germany - by coding & delivering new services our customers will reach their targets much faster than others!

Our teams of consultants works across the globe...
We go where our clients take us and over the years we have traveled to all over of the world to let companies grow.
This means having experienced a wide variety of branches, markets, cultures and like no other we understand and appreciate the impact culture (organisational and national) has on innovation success. Key to helping clients is our strategic approach, our methods and tools we have developed over the years to address a wide variety of strategy and innovation related challenges.

Simply contact us to find out how we can help you in your business.

You want to learn more about us - or even looking for a first short intro / consultation? Please feel free to check our availability in real-time / LIVE!

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