x-Mobility - Advisory & Consulting Services

DXBe Mobility Consulting helps corporations, startups and investors take advantage of the opportunities associated with the digital transformation of transportation and mobility. 

We take a holistic view of the "x-Mobility Services" with the core themes "Connected Vehicles", "Autonomous Vehicles", "E-Mobility", "Urban Mobility", "Charging Technologies", but even "VTOL", "RoboTaxi Services" and other kind of Mobility Services.

"We provide sustainable Consulting, Rollout Management and Charging Infrastructure Development for your Charging Infrastructure projects worldwide". 

Technology innovations promise to bring about an era of smart mobility and transportation. 

Smart and connected mobility promises to disrupt existing business models and transform the mobility ecosystem. New players  frequently appear in this rapidly developing ecosystem while incumbents explore new business models that embrace technological and societal change.

DXBe Mobility Consulting works with corporations with a strong innovation agenda, which is supported at the executive level, and a commitment to engage and collaborate on breakthrough ideas.