Projects & Business

Projects and business:

We do not sell Technology, we integrate systems into your corporate information system, IoT landscape and technical infrastructure, whether mobile or fixed network solutions, IT security, IT hardware, digital media platforms, cloud computing, shop solutions ... whether complex or simple!

Excellent Technology Know-how is a very important part of our business, to be not only one step ahead. We want to be the innovation market leader for our customers.  

Our services range from Management & Strategy Consulting, Mediation and planning to implementation and maintenance to a complete or partial outsourcing of entire business units.

When planning your communications strategy and the implementation of the technical solution we consider expansion of course options and plan your future growth with the same!

We support you with "Manpower & Expertise" to drive your business faster!

The following services are a natural part of our commercial and technological range:

- Management Consulting Services on C-Levels

- Conception, Design & Architecture of infrastructures, platforms and applications

- Analysis of business communication processes

- Creation of RFX, network planning and audits

- IoT-Audit / Digital RoadMaps / IoT products / Digital Factory / IoT Platforms / IoT Security

- IT Security (mobile & landline) documentation, audits, concepts, analysis, certification, training

- Sales of telecommunications and IT hardware in Europe and the Middle East (many exclusive supplier contracts with manufacturers)

- Consulting and successful implementation of proposed strategies

- Extensive and rapid after-sales service! Direct personal contact with customers (24/7)!

- Other special solutions upon request

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