Innovation Challenges

“Innovation Challenges” engage employees by focusing their creativity and energy on real business issues.  Leadership aims the Innovation Challenge at an area important to the customer, business and employee.  Crowdsourcing solutions from employees is a way to unlock the hidden potential inside your organization. Innovation Challenges energize employees with a game-like approach to generate, comment and vote on ideas.  Employees create a dynamic marketplace of ideas and help filter the top ideas that will have the most impact on your customers and business.

Designing innovation challenges
We design custom programs, “Innovation Challenges,” to unlock the hidden potential of your organization by engaging employees more effectively.  We believe those closest to the work have insights that can be developed and used to address unmet needs and create new benefits for customers.

DXBe Management applies three primary principles to Innovation Challenges.

Listen to new voices. Crowdsourcing is not about going to the experts for a single solution. Crowdsourcing or internal challenges bring untapped perspectives to the problem.
Diverge before you converge. Again, we are not looking for THE answer.  

We are looking for a range of potential solutions.  We will prioritize into a top few and test those before implementing.

Evaluate new opportunities using different criteria. Leverage the knowledge of your employees to prioritize the most promising set of ideas when it is too early to apply precise financial measures.
After harvesting lots of ideas and selecting the most promising ones, we help you implement ideas through small scale in market experiments that help us validate initial assumptions about the customer, the problem we are addressing and the solution we have designed.

We use a proven set of key design elements to structure the right Innovation Challenge for you:

Aiming points – frame the challenge statement thoughtfully, provide employees with clear targets, define the issue “we want to address”.
Time boxed – run each challenge for a limited time only to create a sense of urgency.
Stimuli – present insights and different perspectives related to the challenge that help your employees generate more and better informed ideas.
Tools and skill building support – help employees with tools and skills, don’t just ask for ideas. 

DXBe supports your organization with proven innovation techniques and leadership in the evaluation and progression of ideas.
Collaboration, community, and dialogue – provide opportunities for participants to build on each other’s ideas and engage in dialogue with each other.  DXBe structures a marketplace that will improve, clarify and probe ideas.
We work with you to design the key elements that are right for your organization. We deploy our innovation challenges through an online collaborative platform that reaches the furthest corners of your company and engage employees regardless of their location.

Outcomes of innovation challenges
DXBe designs, builds and runs Innovation Challenges that are focused on delivering real business results for your organization.  Those results are both benefits for your customers and engagement of your employees, not one or the other.

We deliver:

Employee engagement through real business challenges
New ideas and actionable business concepts
A repeatable process for innovation challenges
New innovation skills and capabilities
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“We help you build a culture of innovation”

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